New Jersey police use officer in Donald Duck suit for traffic sting

One driver who was given a $230 ticket said she thought the costumed officer was "a crazy guy on Halloween."

By Fred Lambert
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FORT LEE, N.J., Nov. 16 (UPI) -- Police in New Jersey ticketed several drivers on Halloween for failing to yield to a man in a Donald Duck costume.

The effort was part of the Fort Lee police's Pedestrians in the Crosswalk safety program, WABC reports.


An officer wore a costume resembling a Donald Duck mascot and would attempt to cross the road. Drivers who failed to yield to the pedestrian were ticketed by police further down the street, with more than 100 receiving $230 citations and two-point deductions from their driver's licenses.

Several such commuters were upset about the deception. Karen Haigh told WABC she thought the costumed duck was a "crazy guy on Halloween," and that she intends to fight the ticket.

"They told me that I was getting a ticket for not stopping for a duck," she said. "But it scared me. I'm a woman. This huge duck scared me."

Fort Lee Police Chief Keith Bendul said the effort was designed to reduce pedestrian casualties on the roadways.

"Two years ago, we had 62 people struck," Bendul told WABC. "This year, we had 40, I'm glad to say. But zero is my ultimate goal."


In 2012, deputies in Florida used an officer in a Grinch costume for a speed trap operation. In those incidents, offenders were given a choice between a ticket and an onion. According to ABC News, most drivers chose the onion.

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