Power Wheels spoofs McConaughey Lincoln ad

The parody features a young boy imitating the Oscar winner from his popular ad for Lincoln cars.

Ben Hooper

NEW YORK, Nov. 13 (UPI) -- A Power Wheels commercial going viral online stars a young boy in a spot-on parody of a popular Lincoln ad starring Matthew McConaughey.

The ad, which Power Wheels manufacturer Fisher-Price described as "a pint-sized homage to 2014's hottest car commercial," stars a sharply-dressed young boy driving an electric Power Wheels toy car while reciting a near-identical monologue to Oscar-winner McConaughey's voiceover in the Lincoln commercial.


"I've been driving Power Wheels since long before anyone paid me to drive one," the boy says. "I didn't do it to be cool. I didn't do it to make a statement. I just liked it."

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