Man 'surfed' dead whale while sharks ate it

Harrison Williams says his mother called him "an idiot" for climbing atop a whale carcass surrounded by feeding sharks.

Ben Hooper

QUINNS ROCKS, Australia, Nov. 3 (UPI) -- An Australian man who "surfed" on a dead whale being eaten by sharks in a video filmed off the coast of Western Australia said his mother called him "an idiot."

Harrison Williams, 26, said he was boating with friends off the coast of Western Australia during the weekend when they discovered the whale carcass floating in the water.


"Out on the boat with the boys, and one of my mates thought it'd be pretty funny if I surfed the whale, so I just did it," he told Seven News.

The video shows Williams climbing onto the carcass shortly before one of his friends shouts that the whale is being eaten by sharks.

Williams said he had seen the sharks, which Surf Life Saving Western Australia reported to be several tiger sharks and at least one great white shark, before deciding to climb atop the whale.

He said the sharks were "too busy chomping on the whale" to pay attention to him.

Williams said his parents were not impressed with his stunt.

"Mum thinks I'm an idiot, Dad's not too proud either," he said.


Williams said he understands their concern and feels "pretty grateful to still be alive."

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