Groom carries bride, falls on top of her

Chad Kannard's attempt to romantically carry Julia Magdaleno at their wedding backfired spectacularly.

Ben Hooper

CAMP VERDE, Ariz., Oct. 30 (UPI) -- A viral video from an Arizona wedding shows the groom running with his bride in his arms before falling face-first onto his beloved.

The video, shot Oct. 11 at Jackpot Ranch in Camp Verde and posted to YouTube, shows bride Julia Magdaleno and groom Chad Kannard approaching their party on a concrete walkway before Kannard scoops Magdaleno into his arms and takes off running.


The groom's run proves to be short-lived when he falls face-first onto his bride.

The video shows Kannart and Magdaleno spending only a brief moment on the ground before the groom attempts to remedy the situation by climbing back to his feet with his bride still in his arms.

"He was like 'Are you okay?' and I was like 'Yeah, I'm fine.' I had a cut on my forearm and he was like, 'You're bleeding' and I was like 'I am?'" Magdaleno told ABC News.

She said Kannart absorbed the brunt of the impact.

"Both his arms went under me so really he took most of the impact. It looks like in the video he body slammed me but really, I really felt, like, nothing," she said. "I was kind of sore the next day but, I mean, when you fall onto the cement, of course you're going to be sore."


The bride said the fall didn't dampen her spirits.

"I was shocked but I mean, really, I think back on it and I was, like, who else can really top that kind of wedding entrance?" she said. "It's something me and my friends and family will never ever forget."

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