Ghostly orbs, the Grey Lady and a Doorway to Hell

The leadup to Halloween 2014 has been marked by reported ghost sightings and paranormal encounters around the world, many of which were caught on camera.
By Ben Hooper Contact the Author   |  Oct. 30, 2014 at 4:00 PM
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WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (UPI) -- Glass-smashing orbs, a "Grey Lady" haunting a Game of Thrones location and Ohio's "Doorway to Hell" are among the spooky sights caught on camera this year.

Security cameras were installed at Karkardooma District Court in New Delhi after workers reported spooky and unexplained goings-on and officials decided to investigate the claims with overnight video surveillance.

The surveillance videos have thus far captured alleged paranormal activity, including computer screens turning themselves on and off, orbs of light floating around rooms, and lights turning on and off without being controlled by humans or the computer system.

Richard Jones of Staffordshire, England, said he snapped a photo of his 5-year-old niece, Amy, playing on the grounds of Tamworth Castle, and he later noticed a pair of strange figures in the background of the snapshot.

Jones said the figures look vaguely like "two knights carrying a shield."

CCTV footage captured at England's Barnsley Auction Center shows a glass cabinet window opening and shattering with no people or animals in the room to take the blame. Some have attributed the shattering to mysterious blue orbs that appear briefly in the video prior to the cabinet door opening.

A neighbor of the auction center said the building has always been haunted.

A police officer in Espanola, N.M., said he was watching security cameras at the police station when he spotted a potential supernatural apparition. Officer Karl Romero said the object first appeared to be an insect flying near the camera, but he soon determined the object was shaped like a human.

"I do believe in ghosts -- I don't know [what exactly was on the video], but we've had some unsolved murders in the area," he said.

An Irish photographer taking pictures at the Dark Hedges, a group of intertwined trees near Armoy, Ireland, that have served as a shooting location of HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones, snapped a picture of a floating white figure dubbed the "Grey Lady."

Locals said the Grey Lady, a legendary ghost said to inhabit the area, could explain the shape seen in Ballycastle resident Gordon Watson's photograph, which at least one photographer has said was not digitally altered.

A camera crew shooting a ghost-hunting segment in the Philippines for the ABS-CBN news magazine program Rated K captured video of a white shape that resembles a woman holding on to the bars of a flight of stairs at a home in Manila's Tondo neighborhood.

Cameraman Violan Pardo said he spotted the ghost in the home before it appeared in the camera footage.

A team of British ghost hunters, the Sefton Paranormal Investigators, said they captured footage of a suspected ghost roaming the Liverpool Medical Institute in England.

The team said the strange orb that appeared in their footage could be the ghost of Richard Canton, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, who died in 1926. The investigators said Canton made contact with them by setting off alarms on their equipment.

The Scottish National Trust said cameras set up to observe a family of swallows at Drum Castle instead recorded a "strange mist" some have identified as a ghost said to live in the 700-year-old facility.

"Everyone tells me that Drum Castle is a haunted place and that there are strange happenings here," said Alison Burke, the National Trust for Scotland's property manager for Drum Castle. "I have always been highly skeptical, but there have been too many inexplicable events that cannot be ignored."

Britain's Chiltern Railways decided to get proactive about its ghost problem after several complaints of spooky goings-on and hired Nick Rees to serve as a "supernatural liaison officer."

Rees has been charged with following up on reported ghost sightings at the station, which one security guard described as "one of the most haunted places I have been to."

The Ohio homeowners whose property hosts a drain tunnel branded "Satan's Hollow" by enthusiasts may want to look into hiring their own supernatural liaison officer to protect the property -- and any potential supernatural residents -- from amateur ghost hunters.

Police said they are called to the Blue Ash property a couple of times a year to remove ghost hunters who don't have permission to explore the tunnel, which has been described as a "doorway to hell."

Ghost hunter David Scott, who shot footage inside "Satan's Hollow," described it as " one of the scariest locations I have ever investigated."

Many experts have brushed aside the alleged ghost sightings, saying witnesses and those who view pictures and video purporting to show spirits are experiencing nothing more supernatural than the power of suggestion.

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