Fridge-raiding Teletubbie charged with burglary

Terez Owens charged with burglary after allegedly dressing as Laa-Laa the Teletubbie and breaking into a friend's house to raid the fridge.

By Ben Hooper

BETHLEHEM, Pa., Oct. 30 (UPI) -- Police in Pennsylvania said a man who dressed as the yellow Teletubbie and broke into a friend's home for leftover Chinese food has been charged with burglary.

Bethlehem police said Lehigh University student Terez Owens Jr., 20, was dressed as Laa-Laa, the yellow Teletubbie, when he allegedly broke into a friend's house about 2 a.m. Sunday and filled his "man purse" with leftover Chinese food from the refrigerator.


The door to the residence was damaged during the break-in, police said.

Officers caught up to Owens, who police said was dressed up for a nearby Halloween party, shortly after the incident, but he was released when the victim initially declined to press charges.

"I guess the victims thought about it and the landlord got involved with the damage," Bethlehem police Chief Mark DiLuzio said.

Owens has now been charged with burglary, police said.

The chief said the case was unusual for the department.

"Not that many Teletubbies get arrested," he said. "You can't make it up."

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