Firm: Free beer for workers who finish timesheets

Colle + McVoy's Tapserver dispenses free beer for employees who turn in completed time sheets.

By Ben Hooper
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MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- A Minneapolis ad agency is encouraging employees to fill out their timesheets with a machine that trades a completed sheet for a free glass of beer.

The Tapserver at Minneapolis firm Colle + McVoy asks employees to scan their keycards and the system then verifies that the worker's time sheet has been completed. The worker is rewarded with their choice of beer from the machine's "multi-keg beer deployment system," which includes several different brews.


"The technology used includes several Arduinos, a Node-based server, solenoids and a Raspberry Pi. The software was written to tie seamlessly with Colle + McVoy's timekeeping application," the company said.

The company said timesheet completion has improved by 90 percent since the machine was deployed.

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