French police arrest gang of 14 armed clowns

Police had the last laugh when they arrested a gang of 14 armed clowns.

Ben Hooper

AGDE, France, Oct. 27 (UPI) -- Police in southern France said they busted 14 teenagers wearing clown makeup and armed with guns, knives and bats.

Investigators said police received numerous reports of "armed clowns" frightening members of the public during the weekend and 14 teenage suspects in not-so-funny makeup were arrested in a high school parking lot in Agde.


The teenagers were in possession of guns, knives and baseball bats, police said.

Police said a man wearing clown makeup was arrested in a separate incident in Montpellier. The clown allegedly used an iron bar to attack a pedestrian.

Threatening clown sightings have been reported in recent weeks in France, Britain and several locations across the United States.

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