Indiana dog allergic to humans

Robin Herman of Lucky Dog Retreat says Adam the black lab's skin troubles were found to be an allergic reaction to humans.

By Ben Hooper

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 17 (UPI) -- The owner of an Indianapolis dog rescue said veterinarians discovered a black lab's skin problems resulted from the canine being allergic to humans.

Robin Herman of the Lucky Dog Retreat said a black lab named Adam was in bad shape when he came to the rescue and while he started to seem healthier with care, his skin problems persisted.


"We still couldn't figure out what was wrong, so we took him in for a blood test," Herman told WRTV Indianapolis.

Herman said she was shocked when veterinarians told her Adam is allergic to humans.

"Humans? I thought (the veterinarian) was kidding, she said just like we can be allergic to dogs, he's allergic to human dander," Herman said.

Herman said the rescue is raising money for Adam's care and veterinarians have designed a treatment plan.

"The vet seems to think we can fix him. They put a serum together just like with kids allergies, and he starts on allergy shots this week," she said.

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