Metal rod inserted into penis ends up in bladder

Doctors at a Chinese hospital removed a 5-inch metal rod from a man's bladder after he inserted it into his urethra to help him maintain arousal during sex.

By Ben Hooper

HENGYANG , China, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- Chinese doctors said a man who inserted a 5-inch steel rod into his penis to treat his impotence required surgery when the rod ended up in his bladder.

A spokesman for Second Hospital in Hengyang said Kang Niu, 52, told doctors he had been having trouble becoming sexually aroused and maintaining erections. He said the issue was preventing him from keeping a girlfriend.


Niu told doctors he attempted to treat the problem himself by inserting a 5-inch steel rod with a narrow tube into his urethra.

"He believed that using this would give him a prolonged sexual experience," the spokesman said.

However, the rod went further than intended into the man's organ and ended up lodged in his bladder during intercourse.

The spokesman said Niu waited months to seek medical help in the hopes the rod would pass on its own.

Doctors were able to remove the rod via surgery, the spokesman said.

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