Video: Post-surgery teen asks: 'Where's Beyonce?'

Cody Lanphere has become an unwitting viral video star after mother Christine Livingston posted a YouTube clip of the teenager demanding to know why Beyonce didn't show up to greet him after his surgery.

Ben Hooper

BENSON, N.C., Oct. 6 (UPI) -- A North Carolina mom who posted video of her teenage son's post-dental surgery rantings about Beyonce said it was revenge for things he had said on Twitter.

Christine Livingston took to YouTube with video of her 17-year-old son, Cody Lanphere, with a mouth full of gauze in her car after having his wisdom teeth removed in North Carolina.


The video shows the Benson teenager ask his mother, "Where's Beyonce?" to which Livingston replied the singer "couldn't make it."

The teen then gets upset, saying Beyonce "lied to me," before his mother assures him they can "call her" when they "get home."

The video of Cody's post-surgical ramblings goes on for about 11 minutes. Livingston said the post was revenge for things her son has posted about her on Twitter.

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