Oklahoma man 'respectful' in Bigfoot search

Farlan Huff said Bigfoot's similarities to humans led him to take a more "respectful" approach to his search for the mythical creature.

Ben Hooper

ADA, Okla., Oct. 3 (UPI) -- An Oklahoma Bigfoot seeker said his "non-threatening" and "respectful" approach to the sasquatch has allowed him to get close to legendary creature.

Farlan Huff of Ada said he changed his approach to seeking Bigfoot a few years ago after considering the legendary ape's similarities to humans.


"I used to think of them as similar to what we all have the notion of cave men looking like," he said. "I've gone from wondering what they were to who they are."

Huff said his trips into the woods around the Chickasaw National Recreation Area have become less about frantic searches for the sasquatch and more of a gentle trip into the mythical beast's habitat.

"I want to be non-threatening," he said. "If you want to try to have an encounter you've got to be respectful."

He said the strategy has paid off in a few instances, including a recent night encounter.

"There was a voice right in my face. I could have reached right out and touched it if I'd wanted. And it was just in a language I couldn't understand. It was like, 'abba roubla boolla boulla,'" Huff said.


Huff said he is hoping to one day make friends with Bigfoot face to face.

"I picture myself as an old man with maybe two or three months to live, and I get to bump knuckles with Bigfoot. Like, 'hey. how ya doin?'"

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