Monkey Jesus face appears in Japanese roll cake

A Japanese man snacking on a Komeda Coffee roll cake said he noticed the treat bore the image of the botched restoration of Jesus' face in the Ecce Homo fresco.

Ben Hooper

TOKYO, Oct. 3 (UPI) -- A Japanese Twitter user says he found his roll cake bore the face of Jesus -- but it was the monkey-like Jesus face from the poorly-restored Ecce Homo fresco.

Twitter user @atahuta said he was eating a green tea roll cake from the Komeda Coffee chain recently when he noticed the placement of anko beans in the cream caused the pastry to resemble the image of Jesus in the famously botched restoration of the Ecce Homo fresco in Borja, Spain.


A more traditional depiction of Jesus was recently spotted in a pierogi cooked at a church picnic in the United States.

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