Landlords: Tenants often leave sex toys behind

South African landlords say the strange objects left behind by former tenants include sex toys, nude selfies and "Voodoo" items.

Ben Hooper

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Oct. 3 (UPI) -- A South African credit bureau's survey of landlords found objects frequently left behind by former tenants include sex toys and nude selfies.

Credit bureau TPN said its survey of 500 landlords found sex toys were the most common answer when the property owners were asked about strange items left behind by outgoing tenants, with some former residents going so far as to leave behind fully-stocked "sex rooms" with whips and chains.


Other unusual finds by landlords after tenants moved on were nude selfies taken by former residents, pets and squatting spouses.

The landlords also reported discovering "Voodoo" objects such as monkey heads in jars and a decapitated parakeet.

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