Penguin statue appears in nude Satan's former home

A statue of a penguin wearing sunglasses and a bowtie has appeared in the same Vancouver spot that previously hosted an unsanctioned statue of a sexually excited Satan.

By Ben Hooper
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 1 (UPI) -- The former home of a mysterious nude Satan statue in Vancouver, British Columbia, is now hosting another piece of unsanctioned art -- a bowtie-clad penguin.

The pedestal near 4th Avenue and Clark Drive, which formerly hosted a statue of Christopher Columbus that was moved to a different location, became the northern habitat Tuesday for a statue of a penguin wearing sunglasses and a bow tie.


The pedestal previously bore a sexually aroused Satan statue placed on the site by unknown artists Sept. 9. The city quickly removed the piece.

A city spokeswoman said the penguin statue would also be removed from the pedestal.

"The statue is not a piece of city commissioned artwork and consequently it will be removed, however, the city will hold on to it for the owner to collect," the spokeswoman said.

Some spectators said the penguin bears a strong resemblance to the penguins used by Earls Restaurants in the 1980s.


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