Prosthetic poop prank ends with Taser attack

"Viral Brothers" Erik Meldik and Cenel Styblo had a prank go "horribly wrong" when an innocent fake poop on a Lamborghini led to a Taser attack.

By Ben Hooper
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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- A pair of Czech YouTube stars carrying out pranks in the United States said a fake poop stunt went "horribly wrong" when a Lamborghini owner pulled out a Taser.

"The Viral Brothers," Erik Meldik and Cenel Styblo, say in the video they are putting fake poop on the man's car because he cut them off in traffic and gave them the finger.


The video shows one of the pranksters squatting in wait so it appeared when the man came out that he had just defecated on the car.

However, the prank went "horribly wrong" when the Lamborghini owner brandished a Taser stun gun and used it on the man who was pretending to poop.

A follow-up video shows the man was not seriously hurt, but the "Viral Brothers" said they are eager to return to Europe, where weapon-use in everyday situations is less common.

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