McDonald's gets into Japan's black burger game

Halloween-themed Squid Ink burger at Japanese McDonald's locations comes after Burger King launched a pair of pitch black burgers.

By Ben Hooper
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TOKYO, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- McDonald's is getting in on Japan's current black-burger trend with a sandwich featuring a bun darkened by squid ink.

The Squid Ink burger, which hit the Japanese market just over a week after Burger King introduced a pair of pitch black burgers to its Halloween menu, costs $3.40 and features two patties covered with fried onions and cheese between buns darkened with squid ink.


Unlike the Burger King creations, which were darkened with bamboo charcoal and feature pitch black cheese, the McDonald's sandwich maintains its traditional yellow cheese color.

The buns are also less black than the Burger King versions, coming out to more of a dark brown, RocketNews24 reported.

McDonald's also introduced a second Halloween item, a chicken fillet with camembert, but it falls short of spooky with its normal-colored bun.

The Disney Sea Theme Park in Tokyo has also gotten into the blackened Halloween food game, with a "Black Sausage" hot dog."

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