Video: ATM stunt gives out more than $16,000

"Super Rich Cash Machine" in London gives out more than $16,000 to promote Betfair bookmaking website's Price Rush feature.

By Ben Hooper
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LONDON, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A mysterious "Super Rich Cash Machine" in London that gave out more than $16,000 in free money was revealed as a stunt by a British bookmaker.

The ATM appeared Wednesday morning on London's Tooting High Street and members of the public soon found it was spitting out cash without asking for personal identification numbers and some users received up to $820.


"We've just moved to London as students and we definitely weren't expecting anything like this to happen, my girlfriend nearly cried," ATM user Hugo Ellis said.

Online bookmaker Betfair revealed the ATM, which dispensed a total of more than $16,000, was a stunt to promote its new Price Rush website feature.

"The odds on getting more money than you expected at a cash machine are pretty slim but our Super Rich Cash Machines Price Rushed gave some users much more money than they requested," Betfair Brand Product Manager Andy Holmes said.


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