Dutch firm seeks to fund goldfish poop herb garden

Kickstarter campaign seeks funding for EcoFarm, a goldfish tank that recycles excrement into fertilizer for herbs and small vegetables.

Ben Hooper

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- A Dutch startup's Kickstarter campaign is seeking $162,000 to produce countertop herb and vegetable farms powered by fish poop.

Ecobird, a Rotterdam firm specializing in aquaponics method of recycling water with the use of plants, said the EcoFarm is a combination self-feeding herb garden and self-cleaning fish tank that uses the droppings from a goldfish to fertilize the plants growing on top of the aquatic habitat.


The inventors said the plants return the favor by keeping the water clean for the fish.

"The only thing you have to do is feed the fish," the company's Kickstarter video states.

The fish poop farm can also be used to grow other small plants such as cherry tomatoes and strawberries, Ecobird said.

The company is trying to raise $161,646 by Sept. 29. The Kickstarter page had received $15,949 as of Thursday afternoon.

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