Cancer survivor taking giant testicle across U.S.

Testicular cancer survivor Thomas Cantley is pushing a giant inflatable testicle across the country to encourage men to "Be Ballsy" and get tested.

By Ben Hooper

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 9 (UPI) -- A California man who survived testicular cancer is pushing a 6-foot-tall inflatable testicle across the country to raise awareness of the disease.

Thomas Cantley, 31, brought his giant testicle emblazoned with the slogan "Be Ballsy" to Santa Monica, Calif., Thursday as the first stop on a tour of cities including Las Vegas, Houston, Atlanta, New York and Washington.


Cantley said he is filling the inflatable testicle with messages written by the people he meets on his journey.

"I wanted to do sort of a social experiment," Cantley told KSBW. "I didn't want to force myself on anyone, and what this does and through this process, it forces people to come to me, ask me, 'What is this, what's it about, it kind of looks like a testicle, what's going on?' and it creates that conversation."

Cantley said he hopes his project inspires men to get tested for testicular cancer.

"It's a 96 percent survival rate if caught early, so when you catch it early at stage one, its not progressive, it's contained," Cantley said.

Cantley said his goal in the project is not to spend any money.


"My goal is to get across the country not by any money," Cantley said. "I want people to come and go, 'I'll book a hotel room, I'll take you out to lunch, I'll fill up your gas tank' or whatever and I want those physical connections, I don't just want people to donate to me, I want people to connect with me."

Cantley said supporters can also make donations at his website,

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