Cash-strapped Chinese man gets caught in money machine

Fire officials said the man got stuck after he tried to crawl through the ventilation opening of the ATM booth.

By Heather Records
An ATM in China. UPI/Stephen Shaver
An ATM in China. UPI/Stephen Shaver | License Photo

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ZHEJIANG, China, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- A drunk Chinese man got wedged underneath an opening in a glass wall of an ATM.

Cheng Kao became stuck when he tried to squeeze underneath the window instead of using the door.


Passers-by called rescue officials when they saw the man passed out under the window.

Police said Cheng told them he put his PIN number in wrong three times and the ATM "swallowed" his card. He then couldn't get the door to open and thought the best way to freedom was to go underneath the glass window.

A spokesman for the fire service said Cheng was too intoxicated to follow instructions on how to get out, so they had to smash the glass panel to extract him. Adding, "It is going to turn out to be a very expensive night on the town for this man," because "he will be charged for the cost of repairing the booth."

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