Texas preacher says God is a drone?

"You can't throw a surprise party for God," tweets preacher who equates God's presence with Predator drones.

By Matt Bradwell
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DALLAS, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- A megachurch pastor in Texas is raising eyebrows among among believers and nonbelievers alike for framing his interpretation of God around his casual understanding of drone technology.

"We need to rediscover how great and how awesome our God is," preaches evangelical Christian Ed Young in his new lecture series posted to YouTube, adding, "So I thought I would call this series [of sermons] 'Drones'."


Young, head of the nine-location Fellowship Church, sees God as drone, ever present, watching people even when they are alone.

"Drones are everywhere, and they make a lot of us feel uncomfortable," Young says, playing on increasingly common paranoia, but presenting those fears as confirmation of loving watchdog.

"And I think if the truth were known, many of us feel uncomfortable even thinking about, even contemplating, a God who is omnipresent."

In fact, unmanned aerial vehicles are strictly regulated domestically even as the Federal Aviation Administraion works to develop more comprehensive rules. On its website, the agency says, "There are no shades of gray in FAA regulations. Anyone who wants to fly an aircraft -- manned or unmanned -- in U.S. airspace needs some level of FAA approval."


And as Vox points out, "they're definitely not omnipotent."

"Drones haven't been able to wipe out al-Qaeda, and they're just not very good at a whole lot of military tasks. No drone that's been built so far can replace a manned fighter in a dogfight, for example."

Young has also taken his message to Twitter, tweeting out messages such as "You can't throw a surprise party for God because He is Omniscient!" followed by the hashtag #drones.


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