Human skull discovered in donation bin at Austin Goodwill

Skull is believed to have belonged to an adult who died roughly two years ago.

Matt Bradwell

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- Police in Austin are turning to the public for help finding an unknown person who donated a human skull to a local Goodwill.

Although the homicide unit is investigating, it is not believed the skull is connected with a criminal act of foul play.


"We think it was probably something that belonged to the person who donated it, to a relative of the person who donated it and it was part of a collection or an anatomical model or something like that," Detective Derek Israel of APD's Homicide Unit told KVUE.

"It could have been something that was kept by someone who was a student of anthropology, a student of medicine, dentistry...any of those things."

Little is known about the origins of the artifact, only that it is an adult skull from someone who may have died two years ago and was discovered at the Goodwill's North Lamar Blvd. location in Austin on July 16. It could have been donated any time since January.

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