2,100-foot turban weighing 100 lbs may be the world's largest

Turban longer than the Freedom Tower's height takes up to six hours to put on.

By Matt Bradwell
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PATIALA, India, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- A 60-year-old warrior Sikh in India may be wearing the world record holder for the largest turban if his claims about its measurements prove accurate.

According to Avatar Singh Mauni, a Nihangs Sikh, when fully unraveled, his 100-pound turban measures 2,115 feet long, over 300 feet longer than the height of the Freedom Tower in New York.


"I just keep putting on the cloth from top to bottom one layer at a time just like you would lay the storeys of a building," Mauni told the Daily Mail.

"When I go out a huge crowd gathers around me. Some are amazed beyond belief and tell me 'you are great for carrying such a large turban. You must have been blessed with lots of energy.'"

Energy and patience -- Mauni says it takes up to six hours to put on his elaborate headgear.

"On the rare times I don't have my turban on I keep getting this feeling of being incomplete, that some part of me is missing. I get afraid that I may fall and I keep wondering 'have I lost something, where is my turban?'"


The current Guinness World Record for largest turban is held by Major Singh and his 1,312-foot wrap.

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