Man raises $28,000 to have his 100-pound scrotum removed

"I haven't had marital relations in seven years ... My life is on the line and losing my penis is on the line," says Dan Maurer.

By Matt Bradwell

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 27 (UPI) -- A man in Michigan with a 100-pound scrotum successfully raised enough money to undergo surgery to have it removed.

When Dan Maurer was in his late 20s, he noticed his scrotum was swelling to an abnormal size. After doctors told Maurer to simply lose weight, he dropped 50 pounds -- but his scrotum kept growing.


A decade later, Maurer, now 39, can only move 40 feet at a time and is the unwanted center of attention whenever he leaves the house.

"I haven't had marital relations in seven years" lamented Maurer to HLN.

Maurer suffers from scrotal lyphedema, a rare condition that he thought was untreatable.

But a TLC documentary about a man with an even larger scrotum inspired Maurer to return to the medical community that failed him and undergo the expensive -- and dangerous -- surgery to have the growth removed.

"With the surgery, my life is on the line and losing my penis is on the line," Maurer told the New York Daily News, adding, "I guarantee almost all men would go for the best [doctor.]"

After raising $28,000 on GoFundMe, Maurer will indeed see the best, Dr. Joel Gelman of UC Irvine, the same man who treated Wesley Warren Jr., "The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum."


Warren's operation was a success, but he died earlier this year from a number of heart attacks before he could lose his excess weight and complete his recovery.

"Wesley passed away before he could really be the representation, to give people hope. I want to be the success story."

Maurer goes under the knife Thursday.

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