Anytime Pale Ale sold by the 99 pack

"Instead of starting to think about all the ways it could go wrong, they just start high-fiving each other," said a member of the brewery's marketing team

Matt Bradwell

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 27 (UPI) -- A small brewery in Texas has turned a big idea into a reality, a 99 pack of beer for $99.

When craft brewery Austin Beerworks teamed up with Austin based creative agency Helms Workshop to rebrand its extra-pale ale, the hook seemed simple -- you can drink it anytime.


"The extra-pale ale was one that we saw consumers weren't lining up with," Christian Helms, owner of Helms Workshop, told Business Insider. "We really expected that to be their best selling beer right out of the gate."

Once rebranded as Peacemaker Anytime Ale, Helms and the brewers at Austin Beerworks concatenated a second inspiration to reinforce the idea that this is the 5 percent ABV beer one should reach for morning, noon and night -- the 99 pack.

"We really wanted to use the package itself as a tool to reinforce the message that you should have one on hand for any moment. This illustrates why we love Beerworks as a client. Their multipack needs to have 99 beers in it. Instead of starting to think about all the ways it could go wrong, they just start high-fiveing each other."


Austin Beerworks was thrilled with the success of the 99 pack, as all 20 quickly sold out

"Initially we didn't even think retailers would be excited about it, but they are. We are kind of caught with our pants down," said Austin Beerworks co-owner and co-founder Michael Graham.

"We really only have 20 [of the] 99 packs available at the moment."

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