Miss Colombia hopeful disqualified for showing underboob

Former Miss Antioquia says she is "shocked" and her dethroning was "unfair."

Matt Bradwell

ANTIOQUIA, Colombia, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- A leading contestant for the title of Miss Colombia has been stripped of her local crown and disqualified from further competition after judges discovered photos of her in a bikini and lingerie they felt were too revealing.

"I'm still in shock because of the decision," Paola Builes Aristizábal, newly crowned-and-dethroned Miss Antioquia told Colombian publication Bluradio.


Aristizábal says her dethroning was unfair, as many of the other women in the pageant have similar pictures.

"I feel discriminated against because there are other candidates who are going to participate in the pageant in Cartagena who have photos in lingerie and tiny bathing suits ... They are on the internet and social media for everyone to see."

But officials from Concurso Nacional de Belleza, or Colombia's National Beauty Pageant, were apathetic to her claims, saying the former front-runner's racy photos violate the competition's requirement that all existing photos of contestants are tasteful.


"Miss Antioquia Paola Builes Aristizabal, elected on August 10, cannot perform her duties as queen," the CNB said in an official statement.

"This decision was made after consultation with the Board of the National Beauty Pageant in Cartagena, after photos of the participant in lingerie came to [our] attention, which we were not aware of until the evening of election and coronation."

Aristizábal was replaced by Natalia Ochoa, a 21-year-old architecture student attending the University of Pontificia Bolivariana.

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