Indian boy with hands larger than his head can't even tie shoes

"When Kaleem was born his hand was twice the size of a normal baby's," explains the boy's mother.

By Matt Bradwell

GURGAON, India, Aug. 20 (UPI) -- Eight-year-old Mohammad Kaleem was born with hands so large he cannot feed himself, has trouble getting dressed and can't even tie his own shoes.

Each of Kaleem's hands weighs nearly 30 pounds and measures 13 inches from the base of his palm to the top of his middle finger.


"I do not go to school because the teacher says other kids are scared of my hands," Kareem told Barcroft TV.

"Many of them used to bully me for my deformity. They would say 'let's beat up the kid with the large hands' ... Some of them have actually beaten me and would go after me often.

Kaleem's mother Haleema explained to the Sun that Kaleem has had abnormally large hands since birth.

"When Kaleem was born his hand was twice the size of a normal baby's," Kaleem described.

"His hands were big and his fingers were long. Initially his fists were small but they began to grow large as well and his fingers also kept growing."

Although Kaleem's father Shamin earns less than the equivalent of $20 per month, he is determined to help his son live a normal life.


"We want to take him to the hospital but there have been times when money has been so low that my wife has been forced to go begging," Shamin said.

"In that kind of financial situation, getting treatment for Kaleem was difficult. Even when I tried to get Kaleem into the school, the headmaster told me to put in writing that the school would not be responsible if the other children were afraid of his hands or bullied him or laughed at him ... But I have a feeling there is a way to get the resources to give my son a normal life."

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