Oregon woman saves pet bearded dragon by performing CPR

Sherrie Dolezal was able to revive the 3-year-old lizard, Del Sol.

Evan Bleier
Australian bearded dragons (CC/Steve Jurvetson)
Australian bearded dragons (CC/Steve Jurvetson)

SALEM, Ore., Aug. 7 (UPI) -- An Oregon woman who must really, really like lizards saved a pet bearded dragon by performing CPR.

When Sherrie Dolezal took 3-year-old Del Sol out to clean and feed him, she put him back in a small pool but forgot to put in rocks so he could climb out.


The 62-year-old returned to find her pet floating and unconscious in the pool.

She quickly picked him up and began performing CPR while holding him upside down. It took a little while, but Del Sol eventually opened his eyes and started to move.

"I really couldn't remember how many chest compressions should be given before a rescue breath, but he was blue so I just did it," Dolezal told the Statesman Journal. "I was really amazed it worked."

Even before saving Del Sol's life, Dolezal was already referring to herself as the Reptile Rescuer. Now that nickname is even more fitting. In addition to Del Sol, she also keeps 21 other lizards at her home, plus one Russian tortoise and three dogs.

"They're so soothing and comforting, and they make great pets," Dolezal said.


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