Walmart confiscates Canadian woman's 'inappropriate' baby photos

Robin Walsh was told that her photos were "against Walmart policy.”

Evan Bleier
A Walmart (CC/Walmart)
A Walmart (CC/Walmart)

GANDER, Newfoundland, Aug. 6 (UPI) -- A Newfoundland Walmart confiscated a Canadian woman's "inappropriate" baby photos because they were "against" store policy.

When Robin Walsh inquired what policy her photos violated, she claims that no one could give her an answer.


Walsh brought her photos, which included two pictures of her 8-month-old daughter with an empty beer bottle and a snapshot of her daughter and 5-year-old son prepping for a bath, to Walmart to be printed for a scrapbook project.

After Walsh arrived to pick up the prints, a manager told her she would not be able to leave with the three "inappropriate" images.

"When I saw the images I kind of chuckled to myself because they seemed so innocent that I was in disbelief that they were being flagged as inappropriate," Robin Walsh told the National Post.

Walsh left with the rest of her pictures, but tore up the three flagged photos so that they wouldn't just be sitting at the store.

"It is the general policy of the Walmart Photo Center to not print pictures that contain nudity," Andrew Pelletier, vice-president of corporate affairs for Walmart Canada, wrote in a statement.


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