California insurance company pays off man's $21,000 settlement with loose change

Eight Adriana’s Insurance Service employees dropped off the change in five-gallon containers.

By Evan Bleier
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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 6 (UPI) -- A California insurance company decided to pay off an elderly man's court settlement in loose change.

Andres Carrasco, who is in his 70s, sued Adriana's Insurance Service in 2012 after he was allegedly assaulted by one of the company's employees.


The company agreed to a $21,000 settlement in June and finally decided to pay up.

Eight Adriana's Insurance employees dropped off the change at the office of Carrasco's attorney in five-gallon containers.

"There's over 16 buckets of quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies. It's going to take us at least, conservatively, one week to count that whole amount of money," Carrasco's attorney, Antonio Gallo, told CBS Los Angeles.

Carrasco won't even be able to lift one of the heavy buckets, let alone 16 of them.

"Adriana's Insurance, is this the way you treat everyone?" Carrasco said in a statement to NBC Los Angeles. "Why don't you like your clients? I am disappointed by the way Adriana's treats their customers and the elderly. We might be poor, but we are people too."

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