Ex-WWE champ takes down home invader and uses choke-hold until police arrive

Daniel Bryan chased down the suspected crook after he arrived home with wife, fellow former WWE star Brie Bella.

Evan Bleier

PHOENIX, July 28 (UPI) -- An ex-WWE champion chased down a suspected crook after he arrived home with wife and found two men leaving the house with their belongings.

When the alleged thieves saw Daniel Bryan coming, they dropped their "loot" and took off.


Bryan, who is married to former WWE star Brie Bella, was able to subdue one of the alleged burglars, Cesar Sosa, with a rear naked choke-hold until police arrived on the scene.

The submission move was used for about five minutes before police came and arrested Sosa.

The other suspect got away.

Sosa was booked on a suspicion of burglary charge. While he was being processed, it was discovered that Sosa also had a felony warrant out for his arrest in connection with kidnapping and burglary, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson told USA Today.

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