'Bakery bandits' sprinkling pastry pranks throughout Oregon neighborhood

The vandals have been using doughnuts, yogurt, potato salad, Maple bars and other food items.

By Evan Bleier

HILLSBORO, Ore., July 22 (UPI) -- There have probably been a number of Oregon police officers who have volunteered to work on this case around-the-clock and put in overtime if necessary.

A group of "bakery bandits" have been vandalizing a Hillsboro neighborhood with doughnuts, yogurt, potato salad, Maple bars and other food items for the last six weeks.


Baked goods have been smeared on cars, rubbed on windshields and sprinkled throughout yards in the neighborhood.

Although yogurt and potato salad have been used, the pasty pranksters are mainly relying on doughnuts as their preferred weapon of destruction.

"In my 25 years in police services, I have never investigated or seen a criminal mischief involving pastries," Hillsboro police spokesman Lt. Mike Rouches told the Oregonian.

It's possible that teens are behind the doughnut offensives, because a Twilight book was also found at the scene of one of the pastry incidents.

"We'll solve it," Rouches said. "It's just a matter of catching up with the bakery bandits."

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