Deer inflicts $3,000 in damage during brief visit to liquor store in Weymouth, Mass.

A deer that got into a Weymouth, Mass., liquor store may have been confused by the reflection of trees and sky in the window, a state fish and wildlife agent said.

By Frances Burns
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WEYMOUTH, Mass., July 10 (UPI) -- A young deer managed to cause $3,000 in breakages during a brief visit to a liquor store in the Boston suburb of Weymouth.

Tarlochan Gidda, owner of Quick 6 Liquors, told the Boston Globe that the panicked animal knocked down cocktail glasses and premium liquors, including a $205 bottle of Sam Adams Utopia beer, and then began banging its head on a refrigerator. But Gidda said the deer did little damage in its final break for freedom down an aisle of high-end French wine.


The store's security cameras recorded the visit, showing the deer was in the store for only 2 minutes.

Weymouth, an inner Boston suburb with a population density of more than 3,000 people per square mile, has about 30 deer per square mile, said David Stainbrook of the Massachusetts division of fish and wildlife. He said the deer might have seen the reflection of trees and sky in the liquor store window and mistakenly perceived Quick 6 as a tranquil refuge from the busy street.

John O'Leary, a letter carrier, was in the store when the deer arrived and helped Gidda encourage it to leave.


"It ran up Moulton Ave. faster than anything I've ever seen," O'Leary said, describing the animal as "young and strong."

Gidda said the only injuries were to the deer, which left patches of blood on the floor.

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