Dutch firm E-Njoint BV hoping to capitalize on success of electronic cigarettes with e-joint

The company says it is producing 10,000 e-joints per day.

By Evan Bleier
The E-joint (Credit/E-Njoint via Facebook)
The E-joint (Credit/E-Njoint via Facebook)

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DELFT, Netherlands, June 23 (UPI) -- A Dutch firm has introduced a new "100 percent legal" product that it hopes will help build off the success of electronic cigarettes.

Say hello to the e-joint.


E-Njoint B.V.'s new reusable product doesn't come packed with any THC, but after its original contents have been vaporized, users can stuff the e-joint with liquid marijuana or dry herbs.

In case there is any doubt as to how the "relaxing" product is supposed to be enjoyed, the portable device is made in the shape of a joint and has a marijuana leaf on its tip when it lights up.

"Holland is well known in the world for its tolerant and liberal attitude toward soft drugs and the introduction of this new product clearly makes a statement: As long as you don't bother or disturb other people and stay within the legal boundaries, all is well," said the firm's CEO Menno Contant, according to the International Business Times.

"Developed, manufactured and sold at lightning speed. Everyone should feel fine, because what we are doing is no crime."

According to E-Njoint, they are manufacturing 10,000 of the devices per day.


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