Shotguns fired at Alabama gender reveal party to announce daughter Remmington Sue Medlock

Remmington Sue Medlock was announced to the world via shotgun shells stuffed with pink glitter, confetti and ribbon.

By Evan Bleier
A shotgun at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. (File/UPI/David Becker)
A shotgun at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. (File/UPI/David Becker) | License Photo

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UNION GROVE, Ala., June 17 (UPI) -- An unborn Alabama girl has already been welcomed into the world with a bang after her parents held a gender reveal party involving shotguns in her honor.

Morgan and Breanna Medlock opted to announce the gender of their daughter, Remmington Sue, by firing off shotguns that were loaded with shells packed with pink glitter, confetti and ribbon.


Since the parents wanted to wait until the party to find out their baby's gender, they loaded half of the shells with a pink mixture and half of them with blue.

"We've been to several gender reveals where the parents knew the gender already, and I just thought it would be even more fun to find out along with everyone else," Breanna Medlock told "I'd looked through gender reveals on Pinterest, but you always see the same things and I wanted to do something I'd never seen before. And I wanted something involving glitter."

At the "Touchdowns or Tutus" party on June 9, a friend of the couple opened an envelope revealing the baby's gender in private and then loaded the guns.


After everyone shot together and pink rained down, the Medlock's decided on Remmington Sue as a name, Remmi for short.

"I wanted her name to be unique," Medlock said. "I had heard the name used years ago for a little boy and thought it would be a great girl's name. And then Remington is a gun manufacturer and I thought surely my husband would go for that. It was one of the names we were able to agree on."

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