Alaska mom wants her daughter's middle name changed to 'Awesome'

Lisa Flores has petitioned to have her daughter's middle name legally changed to "Awesome."

By Kate Stanton
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JUNEAU, Alaska, June 12 (UPI) -- An Alaska mom thinks her 2-year-old daughter deserves a name thats as "Awesome" as her personality.

Lisa Flores, of Juneau, Alaska, has asked a judge to change her daughter's name from Viviana Contea Flores to Viviana Awesome Flores.


Flores, 36, recently told the Juneau Empire that she got the idea from her 13-year-old son, Dominic, who was 11 when he suggested that his unborn baby sister should have a creative middle name.

"The big reason why I wanted to do this is because when I got pregnant, she was a surprise, and the father didn't stay in the picture for very long," Flores said. "My son was very supportive, and I thought it was a good opportunity to give her the name he chose and to recognize my son for all of the help he gave."

"'My middle name is Awesome,' that's what I want her to say," Dominic said. "It's just one of those childhood things, like I always wanted my name to be Awesome."

Dominic and his mother originally discussed the name Danger, but decided that "it's so much to live up to," Flores told Good Morning America. ("Danger" happens to be the middle name Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong gave his son Jakob.


But when she chose the name "Contea," her son was disappointed.

"He was pretty sad about it and I've been working to change it since," Flores said.

The Flores family has a hearing scheduled for July 7.

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