Yearbook at Idaho middle school criticized for mocking 'fat' students

Lake Hazel Middle School students were asked to finish this statement: "When I hear the word Twinkie, I think of..."
By Evan Bleier  |  June 9, 2014 at 12:33 PM
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BOISE, Idaho, June 9 (UPI) --

"When I hear the word Twinkie, I think of..."

That's the question that students at Lake Hazel Middle School in Boise were asked to answer for their yearbook.

The students' responses were then printed next to photos and their names.

Many of the responses referred to "fat people" and parent Lee Howard was not pleased to find out about it.

"It's always still OK to still make fun of the fat person especially the fat chick," Howard told KBOI. "It's just always OK, and I don't understand it because it hurts. It hurts just as much."

"I think of fat kids! Wait is this going in the yearbook?" wrote one student who seemingly had figured out the absurdity of the question. "Oh no no no. I think of the minions from 'Despicable Me!'"

The Meridian School District supposedly has a strict anti-bullying policy.

"That shouldn't have appeared in the yearbook," MSD spokesman Eric Exline said. "The content is not appropriate. It's sending a message that it's OK to make fun of children for anything, their physical appearance or their demeanor, the kind of things you're really trying to prevent."

It is unlikely that any disciplinary action will be taken.

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