Murder in Scotland caught on camera by Google Street View?

The alleged murder was captured by a Google camera car in August 2012.

By Evan Bleier
A police car in Edinburgh (CC/Carlesmari)
A police car in Edinburgh (CC/Carlesmari)

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EDINBURGH , Scotland, June 4 (UPI) -- Did a camera car capture photos of a murder scene n Edinburgh in August 2012 while collecting images for Google Street View?

Well, actually no.


If the photos of the alleged murderer holding an axe while standing over his victim were a little bit clearer, it would be easy to see that he is laughing in the picture – as is his victim.

That's because Dan Thompson, the owner of Tomson Motor Company on Giles Street and the victim in the photo, knew exactly what he was doing when he had employee Gary Kerr appear to kill him.

"Giles Street is like a misshapen horseshoe. By chance, I saw the Street View car going in other leg. I knew it would reach us in half a minute," Thompson told CNN. "I had just enough time to whip in, grab Gary and a pick-ax handle and he came out to give me a so called 'Leith massage,' which is essentially being bashed."

It took more than year from the time the photos were taken for police to investigate.


"There are pictures of men on Google flashing their bums, but we thought we would be more classy," Thompson told BBC Scotland. "We had forgotten about it when the police arrived a year later and we apologized for wasting police time. They found it funny."

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