Tape of V. Stiviano making racist remarks of her own surfaces

The remarks were caught on tape when Stiviano was shooting a pilot for a reality show about "gold diggers."

Evan Bleier

LOS ANGELES, June 2 (UPI) -- Footage has surfaced of the woman who taped Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racists remarks, Vanessa Stiviano, making some racist comments of her own.

Stiviano was apparently shooting a pilot for a 2011 reality show about "gold diggers," and the tape made its way into the hands of TMZ reporters.


"I don't understand black people. You give them a little bit of money, they don't know what to do with it," Stiviano says in the clip.

"[Black people] just act crazy ... they're like, 'Yo, I wanna put extra rims on top of my rims. And my rims are gonna turn around. I'm gonna call them spinners.'"

She declined to comment about the matter when USA TODAY Sports contacted her. "No direct comment. Have a beautiful day," she said.

According to reports, Stiviano was attacked by two men who recognized her in New York City on Sunday. It's possible that she will address the alleged assault or the new tape during a scheduled appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday night.


She might have a new visor...

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