Portland woman Sue Bales describes attack by 'high elf' Konrad Bass

Bales wanted to share what happened to her in order to raise awareness about mental illness.
By Evan Bleier  |  May 22, 2014 at 2:51 PM
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PORTLAND, Ore., May 22 (UPI) -- An Oregon man may need some elf-help after he attacked a Portland woman's BMW with a metal sword last week while he was high on acid, causing mental trauma and $4,000 dollars worth of damage to the car.

The victim, Sue Bales, is speaking out about her experience with self-identified "high elf" Konrad Bass in order to raise awareness about mental illness.

She was driving her daughter to school when they saw a man wearing robes in the middle of an intersection dragging a cross.

"He took a giant step and all of a sudden he was on the hood of my car. Oh, and we didn't know what to do so he's standing there and we just kept thinking, he'll go away. We'll just be really quiet then he stepped up on to the roof," Bales told KATU News.

"We didn't know he had a weapon. And, he pulled a sword out of his robe that was about three feet long. It looked like from the days of King Arthur. He gets up and he stands on the hood of my car and he takes the sword and he begins plunging it into the hood of my car."

Following the attack, Bass was arrested but has yet to be charged with any crimes.

In addition to being on acid, Bass claims he was off the medication that he usually uses to treat his mental problems at the time of the attack.

"I've had swords before but I've never actually tried to hurt someone's property before. Like, I was trying to stab her tire, slash her tire. I think I poked some holes in the hood or the roof of her car," Bass said. "If I met the lady I would apologize to her for terrorizing her."

Bales is hopeful that the strange nature of the attack doesn't stop people from taking it seriously. "It upsets me that he was so violent and menacing, and I think that he shouldn't be, that he should get treatment. He shouldn't be on the street. What's hard for me is it's such a bizarre story, and it's easy for people to not take it seriously that troubled me because it was such a dangerous situation," she said.

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