Burglar dressed in drag breaks into man's home and steals his father's ashes

William Crockett says he is more concerned with getting the ashes back than identifying the burglar.

By Evan Bleier
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EDMONDS, Wash., May 21 (UPI) -- A Washington state man is hoping to identify a burglar who tried to disguise himself in drag during a break-in at his home in Edmonds.

While dressed up as a woman, the burglar broke into William Crockett's home and stole a tablet computer and a chest containing his father's ashes.


A surveillance camera in Crockett's bedroom captured the suspect on tape.

"Who takes somebody's ashes? Who?" Crockett told KOMO. "Whether you're religious or not, that's like the one thing in time that nobody does."

The Crocketts are direct descendants of American icon Davey Crockett and the chest containing the ashes was a piece of prized family memorabilia.

Even though he has an idea about the burglar's identity, Crockett's primary concern is getting the ashes back. "If I'm in the house and I see you walking up, that's okay. Drop it off, I'll stay inside, and leave," Crockett said. "If you bring the ashes back, that's what I would love the most."

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