Northern Californians claim they saw a UFO

Is it an oddly formed cloud or something else?

By Aileen Graef
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STOCKTON, Calif., May 15 (UPI) -- Northern Californian residents were abuzz on social media after they saw a cloud formation they were convinced was the precursor to an alien visitation.

The pictures circulating Twitter are of a sky covered in a sheet of clouds excepting one hole emitting what appears to be a strange blue glow.


"So the @WhiteHouse wants you to believe what happened over the skies of Stockton yesterday was a 'cloud formation' ? GTFOH #iKnowWhatiSaw," tweeted @CaPtDCharles

"Is that the wormhole from Donnie Darko?" wondered @NGC.

Unfortunately, for those eager to meet some interplanetary visitors, the phenomenon was a natural one. It was likely a "hole-punch cloud" that is usually caused by a plane passing through the cloud bank. The blue glow was most likely from cloud iridescence, a phenomenon caused by thin clouds with similarly sized water droplets diffracting light.

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