Iowa couple claim they were served 'Marijuana McDoubles' at McDonald's

Brittany Songer was six weeks pregnant when she bit into a burger she believes contained marijuana.
By Evan Bleier  |  May 13, 2014 at 3:08 PM
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OTTUMWA, Iowa, May 13 (UPI) -- An Iowa couple believes that they were served up some marijuana-topped burgers when they ate food from a McDonald's location in Ottumwa.

Brittany Songer, who is pregnant, and Cory Long had two McDoubles on April 26. When Songer, 23, dug in, she ate a substance she believed to be marijuana.

"Cory brought me food and I offered a bite to my 2-year-old son, luckily he didn't take one," Songer told the Ottumwa Post. "Then I took a bite of my burger and got mad at Cory. It tasted bad, and I thought maybe it was because he had cologne on his hands when he bit it. Then I opened the burger and the cheese was just covered with weed."

"Once I opened those burgers, you couldn't smell McDonald's anymore. You could only smell the illegal drugs that were on it."

The Ottumwa Police Department is looking into the matter and drug tests on the McDoubles are expected back in approximately two months.

"I can't really quantify how much there was. It appeared to be something that may have been intentionally placed on the burger and by who is part of the investigation. We are trying to determine who actually put it on there," said Lieutenant Jason Bell of the Ottumwa Police Department. "McDonald's has cooperated fully with everything that we have asked of them."

Neither Songer nor Long needed medical attention after ingesting the food, but a lawsuit is possible if the tests do come back positive for marijuana.

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