Man trolls Des Moines Police on Facebook following Sears robbery

"Now I strive to be public enemy #1," Andrew Bolden allegedly wrote on the Des Moines Police Department's page.
By Evan Bleier  |  May 12, 2014 at 4:39 PM
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DES MOINES, Iowa, May 12 (UPI) -- The Facebook page of the Des Moines Police Department is being trolled by a man who is suspected of shoplifting at a local Sears.

Andrew Bolden is wanted for second degree robbery for allegedly stealing at Sears and second degree theft for possessing a stolen vehicle.

"We certainly feel that Facebook is a useful tool for us in crime solving," Sgt. Jason Halifax told WHO TV.

After the department identified Bolden by using social media, someone claiming to be the 31-year-old began posting on the department's page.

"first of all...i didn't rob anything. i shoplifted and ran away n security was embarrassed he couldnt stop me so he made up a lie about me beating him up," the initial post reads.

The DPD account responded that Bolden was welcome to "come in and speak to us about what you did."

"now I strive to be public enemy #1....yup, I got nothing to lose but the world to dangerous am I?" Bolden wrote back. "by the way the police forgot to warn the public that i'm a martial arts expert and my iq is quite on the high end, yall ready!!!???"

The department is still hopeful that Bolden will be arrested.

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