Yum! Guardian writer ingests wife's placenta 'raw in a smoothie and cooked in a taco'

Nicholas Baines had his meal after his wife gave birth to the couple’s son.
By Evan Bleier  |  April 30, 2014 at 2:14 PM
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LONDON, April 30 (UPI) -- A Guardian writer’s wife just had a baby, so he decided to eat her placenta and chronicle the experience in order to commemorate the occasion.

In a piece for the publication, Nicholas Baines detailed the experience of ingesting his wife’s afterbirth blended in a smoothie and fried up in a taco shell with some garlic and paprika.

Although he got a bit nervous after seeing “the wobbly, knotted mass of fibrous, clot-like flesh,” Baines nevertheless left the hospital with his “newborn son and a doggy bag.”

So how was the smoothie?

“The blender looked rank. After 10 minutes of watching a hefty chunk of placenta whirl round the Magimix, it finally broke down into the banana and coconut water. Up front was the distinct flavor of banana, superseded by a metallic, bloody backnote. It had a mineral earthiness to it and tasted exactly like the delivery room had smelled."

And the taco?

“The cooked placenta, on the other hand, was actually pretty good … The meat was rich, with a beef-like quality. It was tender, kind of like roast brisket and not dissimilar to Texas BBQ.”

After his meals, Baines concluded that despite the “supposed health benefits,” the “idea of eating placenta is just too difficult to stomach.”

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