Trio of Oregon women arrested for twerking outside city hall in Beaverton

Christie Valazquez Coura, Brittany Medak and Leokham Yothsombath had marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and prescription drugs.
By Evan Bleier  |  April 29, 2014 at 12:55 PM
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BEAVERTON, Ore., April 29 (UPI) -- Oregon police were called to the scene of an impromptu dance party on Monday afternoon that got a little too wild be going on in public.

According to police, Christie Valazquez Coura went to Beaverton City Hall to pay a fine with two friends, Brittany Medak and Leokham Yothsombath.

After Coura paid the fine, the three women went out to the parking lot and began twerking, the Oregonian reported.

During the dance party, Medak allegedly began urinating between cars in the parking lot while Yothsombath recorded the whole thing with her cellphone.

A court employee called the Beaverton police and the trio was arrested on multiple charges including disorderly conduct, cocaine and methamphetamine possession, and offensive littering.

Medak and Coura are 20, while Yothsombath is 22.

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