13-year-old 'too young' to be served at KFC

Apparently this KFC staff believes that ordering chicken requires a legal adulthood level of maturity.

Aileen Graef

MANCHESTER, England, April 29 (UPI) -- A Manchester, England, KFC refused to serve a 13-year-old because they claimed he was "too young" and would "mess about" if they gave him food.

Jake Butterworth was picking up dinner for himself and his brother Wade, 8, at the request of their father, who was running late from work. Butterworth approached the counter to place his order, but was turned away by staff who said he would "throw food," and that they would only serve him if he were 18.


"I was in shock. I only wanted a Mega Box but they wouldn't let me. There were kids when I went in not eating anything and refusing to move," Butterworth told the Sun.

Their father was furious and the KFC apologized, citing previous instances where the staff had to deal with anti-social behavior with young customers. They have offered a free meal to the family as part of their apology.

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