Oregon man demands marijuana and Mountain Dew during eight-hour police standoff

Bryan also allegedly exposed himself and spray-painted white supremacist messages.

By Evan Bleier
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CLATSKANIE, Ore., April 28 (UPI) -- An Oregon man and his girlfriend were arrested Saturday after an eight-hour standoff with police that involved marijuana, Mountain Dew and the male anatomy.

James Marco Bryan and girlfriend Carrie Hurley refused to surrender to police when the authorities attempted to bring Bryan in on outstanding warrants for reckless driving and absconding.


The 44-year-olds were so uncooperative that the Oregon State Police SWAT team was called in.

"He was kicking out windows, yelling and screaming, standing in the window making gestures with his penis and showing his buttocks in the nude," Clatskanie Police Chief Marvin Hoover told the Oregonian. "At one point, he was wanting a pack of cigarettes, a Mountain Dew, some marijuana."

The house that Bryan and Hurley were holed up in also had signs outside that contained "some graffiti-style writings like supremacist-type group stuff.”

During the standoff, the couple called local TV station KATU to complain about the Clatskanie police.

"Why would the Clatskanie cops keep on cruising by?" Bryan said by phone. "Because they want to take me out. Because I am going to ... take this whole county down, that is why. I got the paperwork to the [expletive] SWAT team who's out here in front of me. They read it. They don't care.”


"They want me to come out so they can come in and shoot him or they can shoot me if I come out," said Hurley. "They're corrupt and we've got 'em by the [expletive] and they [expletive] don't even know what’s going on."

After authorities eventually used tear gas to subdue the suspects, Hurley was charged with hindering prosecution and Bryan was charged with resisting arrest, indecent exposure and first-degree criminal mischief.

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