MMA fighter Cathal Pendred tries to save baby dolphin

The "Ultimate Fighter 19" competitor jumped into the ocean to help a stranded baby dolphin.
By Kate Stanton  |  April 28, 2014 at 10:41 PM
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DOONBEG, Ireland, April 28 (UPI) -- Cathal Pendred may look fierce, but he has a soft spot for stranded animals.

The Ultimate Fighter 19 contestant was relaxing on a beach in Doonbeg, Ireland when he saw that an injured baby dolphin had washed ashore.

"There was a man in the water trying to help the dolphin and I went in to help," Pendred told Fox Sports. "The man told me he had been there for a while trying to push him back out but the dolphin kept getting washed back in. The man said he was now exhausted so I told him I would take over trying to help."

"I continued trying to push the dolphin out past the waves but he continued to get washed back in," Pendred said of the rough current. "He was bleeding and had a lot of cuts so I think it was due to these injuries that he wasn't strong enough to swim past the break."

The mixed martial arts fight said he finally managed to help the dolphin to a deeper part of the water and also happened to get a Twitter photo of the incident.

"I just spent an hour in the sea at Doonbeg trying to save a baby dolphin. He was very hurt but alive and well now!" he wrote.

But Pendred updated his Twitter followers the next day with some unfortunate news -- the dolphin hadn't made it back home.

"Sad news: The Irish Whale & Dolphin Group have said that the young dolphin washed up in Doonbeg again last night," Pendred wrote. "I tried my best."

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